Quit The Pill 5-Day Detox


An overburdened liver and compromised gut are two of the biggest challenges to post-pill recovery. The 5-Day Post-Pill Detox gives you a jumpstart in addressing both issues so that you can regain your health and fertility more quickly!

This is for you if, you’ve recently come off hormonal birth control and you are experiencing any of the following:

*Persistent acne on the face, particularly along your jawline or on your forehead*

*Acne on your body, including your chest, back and buttocks*

*Stubborn weight gain in your midsection*

*Brain fog*

*Trouble sleeping, especially if you tend to wake after midnight and have difficulty falling back to sleep*

*An irregular cycle, heavy period bleeding, excessive cramping, cyclical breast tenderness, or extreme PMS*

Imagine that in just 5 days, you’ve started to see relief and that you’ve set yourself up to keep on making progress towards feeling completely energized with clear skin and a healthy cycle.

How It Works

You can enroll in the detox at any time. Upon enrolling, you’ll receive:

*Post-Pill Detox Handbook that provides comprehensive instructions for how to detox – what foods to eat, which to avoid, recommended supplements and daily regimen*

*A healthy recipe book so that you have go-to meals that are both clean and delicious*

*A shopping list to accompany your healthy recipes*

*A recommended supplements list and regimen*

*A guide to eating at restaurants while detoxing*

*Guidelines for how to continue to support your body after the 5-days are over*

You’ll receive all the tools that you need to cleanse your system of excess hormones & you are always welcome to email me with any questions that you have!


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